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Books I like

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Some of the books I like:

Louise L. Hay
Heal Your Body A-Z (A--Z Books)
Sana Tu Cuerpo
I Can Do It -Subliminal Mastery
You Can Heal Your Life
Self-Esteem Affirmations
101 Power Thoughts

Deepack Chopra
The seven spiritual laws of success
Quantum Healing
The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire
Creating Health

Brian L. Weiss
Many Lives, Many Masters
Through Time into Healing
Only Love Is Real
Messages From the Masters
Same Soul, Many Bodies, Mirrors of Time

The Way We Pray: Prayer Practices from Around the World
by Maggie Oman Shannon

The New Feminine Brain: How Women Can Develop Their Inner Strengths, Genius, and Intuition
by Mona Lisa Schulz

Biografia de un alma - Militza Segura-Landrau B.Msc.



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