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Favorite people

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Some of my favorite people around the world:

God-Jesus- Dios -Jesús
Fatima, Portugal " Our Lady of Fatima "
Fatima - daughter of the prophet Muhammad
Dalai Lama-Tibet
Mother Teresa de Calcuta
Mahatma Gandhi
Osho -India
Franz Kafka
Kahlil Gibran –The prophet
Louise L.Hay
Litta Golberg
Deepack Chopra
Antony de Melo
Cony Mendez
Pablo Neruda
Isabel Allende
Mario Benedetti
Julio Cortázar
Borges, Jorge Luis
Bucay, Jorge
Cortázar, Julio
Dr.Wayne W. Dyer
Dr. Brian Weiss
John Gray
Gary Chapman
Julia Robert
Anderson Cooper
Oprah W -USA
Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt - For helping Children
George Clooney
Leonardo Di Caprio
Anyone who help children around the world
Anyone who promote peace around the world
& many more...


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